Lotus Eaters of ancient times, now acting as wolf of the ‘wolf and lamb’

Modi shah

By Krishnamurthy V.

“Leadership is not about the next election it’s about next generation.”

Lotus eaters*, in state power hurls abusive languages against the creators of free Nation.

They are acting as wolf in the “wolf and lamb” folk tale. Instead, we call back the days, where nation was struck in a tornado of political tragedy and economic crisis. How the leadership suffered to sail across.

A thumb nail- flash back


1947 Aug 14th, “An age ends and the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance.” Voice of the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is heard in the mid-night. Freedom of the nation was not without a peril and pangs.

Partition of a country was super-imposed by British, and it was blunder in political strategy by communally divided leaders. Main villains were then Muslim League, RSS, Hindu Maha Sabha, a section of the Congress, etc.

This was a deep-rooted conspiracy to divide people permanently in the name of religious fundamentalists. Continuous protest and efforts to stall this horror by Mahatma Gandhi and Mr. Nehru failed.

It was a division of 1,75,000 sq. miles of land with 88,000,000 people under British India.

On 17th Aug 1947, the Map and documents were not made available both to Indian National Congress or Muslim League, by Lord Mountbatten, the last viceroy or first governor general of India.

Feared or disturbed peace had already taken thousands of human lives in Punjab and Rawalpindi in June 1947 itself.

The tide of million innocent masses old parents, wife, their children, and their belongings turned to be a torturous journey across the border in Punjab on Western India and Bengal in East.

The exodus was out of ignorance of masses, fear, threat to life by political goons, forced evictions by muscle powers and killings by brutal communal monsters. Many a million determined not to run away, even if death embraces them. There too, massacres took place in many parts of two nations.

Lord Mountbatten, a degenerate, royal blood of British crown, who preferred falsehood to truth, for his own glorification, who will not hesitate to manipulate for his own monstrous vanity, preferred to commit any blunder to keep his position high, did not move his troops to lessen or stop the bloodbaths among the Hindu-Muslims-Sikhs.

Though, this generation had not seen him, you can still trace similar cloned specimen brain, now adorning the highest position in India to-day.

Twenty million human masses moved across the borders. In this communal clash, human genocides, in hunger, torturous exhaustions and diseases bodies were strewn across the road to hell: No death register.

British army did not care fall of bodies, as they are busy with their final voyage to home. Refugee camps were overflowing across the borders and many a lakh: Thousands reached the grave from there.

Royal states 584 were in the same state as serfs of the British rulers. Kings were royally safe with their crownless glory and endless wealth after their signature of INSTRUMENT OF ACCESSION in 1947.

They were demanding better pension and compensation. Five large regal states were refusing to merge with Indian dominion. Especially, Kashmiri Maharaja, Hari Singh, till 1948.

Razak Kars, and tribals in Kashmir border, with arms provided by Pakistan, started attacking the J & K Kingdom and the new-born country had to send Indian army and air force to defend the Kingdom. His Majesty Hari Singh signed the Accession, some were in Oct 1947.

After Independence

Here is the extract of speech of Shri R.K. Shanmukham Chetty, Minister of Finance while introducing the budget for the year 1947-1948.


The Indian Union with its population of 300 (1947) millions along with Princely states, was the second largest country in the world next to China. This was after thirty million repatriated to Pakistan and another thirty million to East Pakistan.


Redcliffe border line was accepted with tinkering. How to do division of power was followed by how to divide national wealth and defence.


Railways, state assets, the division of the assets of the Reserve Bank, the division of the Army, their goods, and arms between two countries became a complicate issue. But it was to be complied with as per agreement of division. Armed Supreme Commanders Council was set up.


Provincial Governments and the Central Government, headed by Congress was facing an economic collapse. Woes did not end.


“Grow More Food Campaign” started in 1944 itself, showing no progress. During the three years 1944- 45, 1945-46 and 1946-47 India had to import from abroad 43.80 lakhs of tons of foodgrains at a cost of over 127 crores of rupees.


I have budgeted for a revenue of Rs. 171.15 crores and a revenue expenditure of Rs. 197.39 crores. The net deficit on revenue account in the period covered by these estimates will be Rs. 26.24 crores. On this basis, the divisible pool of income tax is estimated at Rs. 66 crores and the Provincial state share at Rs. 30 crores. For apportioning to the departments transferred to Pakistan, the expected amount is Rs. 71e crores.


The strength of the Army stands at 4,10,000 troops. After the completion of the reconstitution of the Army, India will have 2,60,000 troops. British India had never an adequate Navy or Air Force and the effect of the partition has reduced them still further, as far as the Dominion of India is concerned.


The estimates also include Rs. 22 or 21 crores on account of subsidies on imported foodgrains and a lump sum provision of Rs. 22 crores for expenditure on the evacuation, relief, and rehabilitation of refugees from Western Pakistan.


Obligatory expenditure of Rs. 221 crores on payment of interest and pensions and provision for debt redemption pending.

Rs. Two crores on planning and resettlement and Rs. 12 crores for expenditure on nation building activities such as education, medical, public health, the running of scientific institutions and scientific surveys, aviation, broadcasting etc.


The deficits in the war years were due to the high level of Defence expenditure and were met as far as possible by raising additional taxation.


Additional food import 22 million tons is a fraction of the total foodgrains amounting to 45 million tons we produce, although they make a large hole in our available foreign exchange.”



From the ashes

Read the Budget figures and economic condition of a liberated state! Nation rose from the ashes and now struck in the hands of the power greed, fascist leadership.

This state famine, poverty, illiteracy, communal riots, and bloodshed did not deter, nor lost their courage or direction to build a nation from the rumples and dust.

This nation was led by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and other patriotic selfless forces never slept nor rested in the perilous moments.

An age, where expressions of Indians became free, people liberated from foreign yoke had faced untold miseries in the life started seeing sun rays amidst the clouds. Nation building was not deterred.

Second Five Year Plan saw the dawn of industrialisation, even though, Private corporates failed to step in long term, heavy industries. All western nations did not want to risk their capital on this Under-developed.

It was USSR, which took a great political and economic risk and thus massive industrial giants started entering the sphere of production.

Those Public sectors institutions and industries became the huge canopy for mushrooms of small and medium industries and source of employment.

During Indira Gandhi’s time, Nationalised Banks had become the fountain of financial energy for agriculture and economic growth.

Nation grew. We were insulated from every depression and market chaos of international trade.



India After 1990s

1990- India entered, changed the track and world market economy through the LPG policy. Now, foreign countries came in not because we were developed nation.

Reason was, our huge consumer market, which is 10% of total population. Socially conscious agricultural policy, Rural employment schemes, planning, industrialisations, massive free education, spread overs of income and wealth, food security act, gave birth to this 10% higher income group.

But in India, still a huge Lower Income group or below poverty line- is yet to see better times in life.

Hard times demanded greater sacrifices of the committed patriotic nation builders. India had real time patriotic leaders then.

Now, they are being humiliated. Nehru and Indira Gandhi are the target of their attack. The wealth of the nation, now they loot originally, was the assets created by the socialistic society.

While still 90 crores of under below poverty state and many a million are yet to see a better world, the rulers are having their paradise built around. Silenced Media, enslaved police forces, committed civil service and twenty-four hours glorification of a Prime minister, and his fanatic Nazi forces.

Sacrifices of past leaders are being denigrated and defamed. Men in power have become Lotus Eaters of ancient times.


Current Situation

IMF estimated the projected real GDP is 5.9%. almost 272 lakhs crores. Consumer Prices rise 4.9%: Unemployment crossed 7%. Human Development Index, nation is reaching the place of 132. And population has crossed :143 crores.

Top Corporates have become man-eaters of financial sectors and the rulers have turned to be their bed mates.

Government of India is expecting a total income receipt of Rs. 27.2 Lakhs crores. Net Borrowing from the market Rs.11.8 lakhs crores the tax receipts Rs.23.3 lakhs crores.

Fiscal Deficit is estimated at 5.9% of GDP. Total expenditure estimated Rs.45 Lakhs crores including the maintenance of a costliest PM of the world.

Many a times, while watching the PM’s speeches in Sansad, unconnected to the proceedings, with a ridiculous and satirical remarks against those leaders, no more on the earth, a crowd behind him acting like ‘Cheer girls.

A PM who makes a rare entry to Sansad and goes round the world like a luxurious tourist with no benefit to our nation. Conducts video session everywhere in multi-colour dresses and hugging everybody and calling it a diplomacy.

We feel  disappointed to see these things. People shall pay the penalty for their past political blunders. But they repeat, nation will turn to a garbage bin.

Sitting at the golden couch, the new royals are ridiculing and condemning the sculptors of this nation. Shall we have to be silent? You judge!

*(lotus-eaters a Greek mythology reference to a race of people living on an island dominated by the lotus tree. The lotus fruits and flowers were the primary food of the island and were a narcotic, causing the inhabitants to sleep in peaceful apathy. After they ate the lotus, they would forget their home and loved ones, and only long to stay with their fellow lotus-eaters.)

(Krishnamurthy V. is a retired banker from Bangalore and has extensively worked with bank employee unions and other Karnataka based movements.)

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