SEVA Founder Ela Bhatt no more

SEVA Founder Ela Bhatt no more

All India Trade Union Congress sends its deepest condolences on the demise of Ela xBhatt, a Gandhian, labour rights activist and the founder of self employed Women’s Association (SEWA).

She is 86 and remained actively associated with SEWA activities till very recently. Her death is a loss to the labour rights movement in India. AITUC dips its flag in salute and honour of Ela Bhatt and shares the agony of the bereaved members of her family and SEWA who suffer the loss.

Committed to the cause of workers and women’s rights, Ela Bhatt has won accolades for her contribution. She was a member of ‘The Elders’, the group of world leaders that was formed by Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu to contribute wisdom to some of the international issues including the Palestine issue. Her hard work won rewards and recognition. Millions of women got their identity recognised through the committed works of Ela Bhatt.

At this juncture when the labour rights and women’s rights are being denied and snatched away, at this important time of history when the trade union movement in this country is waging a struggle to retain the hard won rights while also pursuing for the rights to sustain and grow, Ela Bhatt’s loss is indeed a great loss.

Her legacy may be carried forward by SEWA with all commitment and conviction.

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