A wonderful web series Gang of Shramikpur based on Industrial accidents

A wonderful web series Gang of Shramikpur based on Industrial accidents

Today’s majdoor is mobile savvy and gets his or her entertainment and news through mobile video.

Safe in India India Foundation (SII), an NGO that supports injured workers with ESIC healthcare and compensation has produced Gang of Shramikpur,

A unique edutainment YouTube video series, to help workers be more aware of their ESIC rights, processes and challenges. In due course, more content on worker-safety will also be added.


Narrated in 8 short webisodes with professional actors, warmth and light touch of humour, SII is partnering with committed worker media channels such as Workers Unity, to take the message of Gang of Shramikpur Season 1 to thousands of workers. There will be 40 more such episodes in the next 12 months!

With workers’ and partners’ feedback, the next 8 episodes will be released later this year.

We want to tell all workers, yeh aapki kahani hai, aapki hi zubani. We invite workers to comment, like and share this in large numbers and spread the message to 14 crore people in India who are registered with ESIC and crores more who should be, but are not despite working in businesses with more than 10 staff.

We hope this Youtube series, the first ever of its kind on ESIC and worker-safety, will help lacs of workers and build a new ecosystem.

(Safe In India founder Sandeep Sachdeva.)

वर्कर्स यूनिटी को सपोर्ट करने के लिए सब्स्क्रिप्शन ज़रूर लें- यहां क्लिक करें

(वर्कर्स यूनिटी स्वतंत्र निष्पक्ष मीडिया के उसूलों को मानता है। आप इसके फ़ेसबुकट्विटर और यूट्यूब को फॉलो कर इसे और मजबूत बना सकते हैं। वर्कर्स यूनिटी के टेलीग्राम चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें।)

WU Team

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