Chennai: Yamaha Motors Workers are on strike again

By Arpan, Chennai

Workers of the India Yamaha Motors, Shriperembudur, Chennai sat on strike since October 11.

The agitation is primarily led by India Yamaha Motor Labour Association, affiliated with CITU.

The workers are protesting against the unfair labour practices of the management, in collusion with the State Labour Department.

Previously, in 2018 there were waves of strikes in Yamaha India, along with Royal Enfield to reinstate expelled workers, reach a wage agreement, take back cases against the trade union leaders and recognize the union.

ये भी पढ़ेंः

That strike ended with success, with the workers achieving an agreement with the management regarding the key points of bargaining.

However, according to CITU Kancheepuram, by engineering a split in the recognized union, management made a pro-administration competitive minority union; which reached a wage agreement, not accepted by the majority of workers.

The recognition of trade union through secret ballots in free and fair manner is the key demand of the present strike.

Kanchipuram District Collector has called the workers for discussion on the morning 10:30 of October,13.

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